Mission Statement

Teach Kids Music is an organization focused on helping underprivileged children that have a passion for music learn how to play.  Learning an instrument positively affects children as they grow; from excelling academically to blossoming creatively, music has a lifelong effect on a child’s development. Giving children from less fortunate families a chance to do something positive and creative will change the lives of many kids and help our communities grow.

In every city there are hundreds, or even thousands, of underprivileged kids that never get the opportunity to learn to play an instrument or express themselves creatively. Many times these kids fall into a destructive pattern. We hope to make a difference with these kids and help turn their life in a positive direction. 

We have developed relationships with many famous and Grammy winning musicians that have donated their time and efforts to make appearances and perform at events to help our cause.

Our award-wining curriculum and state-of-the-art online learning platform will be used to implement a complete learning system in schools and community centers such as the Boys and Girls Clubs across America. Our funds will help provide instruments, computers and the learning system into these facilities.