Little Rockers Classes


 Music is the best medium for learning, especially in young children. When paired with movement, singing and instrument play, it creates neurological magic, lighting up a child’s brain and positively impacting all areas of development. The benefits of music education are truly transformational. Our Little Rockers program was developed to prime children with the essential knowledge needed to play real instruments before they can even hold one. From their first clap to their first music lesson the path is clear, easy and fun! This groundbreaking program was created to help children excel in music by instilling the foundation of music at the pre-schematic stage of artistic development when children become creative and develop motor skills.

Clapping & Tapping Patterns


Through rhythm exercises children begin to understand the core of music applying hand and foot patterns along with songs. These coordination exercises help children excel musically at any instrument they choose to play. 

Percussion Instruments


  Children use percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, tambourines and shakers to apply rhythm patterns over music. 

Children's First Music Lessons


Our fun and exciting multi-level program helps children learn to sing, rhyme, gain knowledge of musical instruments and expand their creativity.

Group Music Classes



Group classes for learning the basics of many core instruments are taught. 

Piano Lessons


  Children  have thier first lessons on piano.  They learn the notes across the keyboard and basic melodies.

Guitar Lessons


Children are guided step by step to play their first chords on the guitar. They learn and apply picking and strumming patterns.