What We Do


 We provide instruments to local community centers and clubs for children who may not have the resources to access instruments. Having the opportunity to play instruments and see which inspires them most is the start of a lifelong musical journey.  


 Our Rock House core curriculum is provided in these centers for kids to use to learn the basics and set a solid foundation for each instrument. Books, instructional videos and on-line learning programs guide children through the first stages of playing each instrument. 


 Once kids start to learn their instrument of choice it is important to take the next step and interact with other children and preform in front of others. We provide backline music equipment to community centers to run TKM Open Mic Nights. These nights are hosted by local music schools and teachers and provide a safe, creative and positive atmosphere for children to showcase their skills and meet other musicians with common interests.  


 Our connection with many of the world’s best musicians has helped to add an extra bonus to our ability to inspire kids to play music. When available these musicians make appearances at the TKM Youth Open Mic Nights and talk with the children about following their dreams to play music. These musicians answer questions, pose for pictures, sign autographs and even occasionally jam with the kids! Meeting a world-renowned musician can be the defining moment in a child’s life that will spark a lifelong passion for music.